Dr. George Jeffers’ biotech breakthrough has been stolen and his friend is missing in Amsterdam. Jeffers is a brilliant biochemist but a life spent in academic laboratories has left him ill-prepared for the rough and tumble real world. Despite his naiveté, Jeffers rushes off to find his invention and rescue his friend, only to be nearly killed right at the start. He falls in with his savior, Taylor Redding, self-styled World’s Greatest Female Adventurer, a woman whose youth and beauty hide many unpleasant secrets. The oddly matched pair crisscross Europe in their search, a Europe where the spies of the Cold War have new masters but the same deadly tricks. The body count rises as they go and their suspicions build that the invention is but a pawn in a deadly new political game, one having an eerie foretaste of the current world. They find enemies in abundance, but even their friends may not be friends. Betrayal is no further away than a change in self-interest. Jeffers must shed his naiveté and Taylor her secrets or neither they nor stability in Europe will survive.