Colin Alexander

Colin Alexander, well, he’s a pseudonym. I’m sure there are folks with that name, but not here. Why the pseudonym? Simple, really. I was originally trained in pediatrics, pediatric oncology and biochemistry. I’m still active in medical research, so it seems better to keep the names separate. Elements of the disciplines I’ve studied are major parts of God’s Adamantine Fate and Lady of Ice and Fire. To the extent possible, I’ve tried to keep the science and medicine in these stories as close to “real” as possible. Both God’s Adamantine Fate and Lady of Ice and Fire were originally published by Donald I. Fine, Inc, in the nineties. Since they have since gone out of print and the rights have reverted to me, I have re-published them as e-books to make them available in a convenient and inexpensive way.

Outside of medicine, I’ll read almost anything as shown by the piles of books around the house. My favorite subjects are history and science fiction. The difference between these areas is, perhaps, not as great as it may seem. Some events that have actually taken place are so implausible that I doubt you could get them published if you wrote it as fiction. Anyway, I’ve been reading science fiction since I was 10 and I’ve always wanted to write in that genre. So, My Life: An Ex-Quarterback’s Adventures In The Galactic Empire is an unabashed space opera. It is just out now (June 2015) as an e-book. My other interest, going back to 1977, is martial arts. There’s not much room to incorporate that, really, in medical fiction but it makes an appearance in My Life.

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.